Queens College students were honored for their achievements inside and outside the classroom.

For the first time, a celebration on the quad recognized student clubs, athletes and individuals for their hard work over the past year.

The Women's basketball team, and the men's and women's tennis teams were honored for their advancement in the NCAA finals.

Other groups honored included the college's coding teams, hacking teams and various scholarship winners.

"They know that I love to be able to brag about them. They excel in so many things and we want the world to know that talent that we have here at Queens College," said Felix Matos Rodriguez, President, Queens College.

"Queens has a strong community in all different fields. Its not just athletics or not just academics its a good balance of everything here," said Moustafa Ibrahim, Sophomore, Queens College.

Each student that was recognized received pins which say "We are the Champions" and it's a way to show off their accomplishments around campus.