Rockaway Beach may already be breathtaking, but, now a new art project promises to add even more to that splendor.  And as our Gene Apodaca reports, it's also teaching a valuable lesson about conservation.


Esther Grillo is proud to live in the Rockaways and it definitely shows in her art.  

“The chain was from Rockaway Playland rollercoaster, 1901,“ explained Grillo talking about the material she used for her piece.

She was all too happy to lend her skills to a unique art project coming soon to the boardwalk.

“Celebrating the beauty of the rockaways and the resurgence, “ Grillo said.

The exhibition, which officially debuts June 3rd, will encompass 15 sites, 16 artists and 17 sculptures.  It was made possible through a partnership of the New York City Parks Department and 14 Sculptors, Inc.  It will run between Beach 74th and Beach 108th streets on Shorefront Parkway.

As for the artists, organizers say they wanted to select a very diverse group, reflecting many themes and concepts.   People like Sean Landau, who’s metal art piece says much more than meets the eye.

“It says no doubt, believe it or not it says no doubt, “ explained Landau about his abstract representation of that expression.

The art ranges from small and simple to very elaborate.

Mother and daughter, Carmen and Laura Frank, created a seascape using reclaimed wood.  They also created a few memories along the way.

“We have a very close relationship  for sure,” said Laura.  “But we are very independent and we notice also in the dynamic of the work,” said Carmen.

A major theme of the exhibition is upcycling.

Something Grillo says is important, especially in the Rockaways, where natures artwork can’t be mended with a paintbrush.

“I think if all of us took time to think about the things you throw out is there a second use for it, “ said Grillo.

A second use that can make people appreciate what's around them.

The exhibit runs until October 9th.