A Flushing museum brings in a new sculpture to encourage people to learn about an unsung pioneer of electricity.

Light Spectrum is now on display at the Lewis H Latimer House Museum on 137th Street.

Latimer helped invent part of the incandescent light bulb.

The sculpture is made of lamp shades covered in crocheted plastic and is meant to show how light works.

"Light is the way I see color, the way we all see color. It's very important. Color is one of the most crucial elements in all of my work and I really value Latimer as an inventor, making the light bulb possible," said Antonia A. Perez, Artist, Light Spectrum.

"Through art, people can get to know the idea of light, cultural activities here and then get to know Lewis Latimer," said Ran Yan, Program Director, Lewis H. Latimer House Museum.

There will also be a poetry workshop in May and a crochet workshop in June at the museum.

Light Spectrum will be on display through August sixth.