An unlikely fusion of arts is cooking up in Astoria. NY1's Van Tieu filed this report on The Food Funny, a new monthly comedy show at the QED.

The recipe calls for comedians and chefs to step outside their comfort zone, and trade roles. The cooks dish out jokes and the comics try to cook something tasty.

"I think almost anyone can be funny as long as they're given the encouragement to just be themselves," said Adrienne Cooper, the creator of “The Food Funny.”

It’s an experimental show running at Astoria's QED, a community stage and education center for artists to show and tell.

With a background in hospitality and improv, Cooper whipped up the idea to combine her two passions: food and comedy.

She explained, "I thought about all the chefs that I knew and how funny they were, and I thought. ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if they had an opportunity to actually just do their comedy on stage?’”

The foodies come from culinary academies and restaurants around the city, and to spice things up, local talent from the city's comedy circuit flex their culinary chops in a ridiculous cooking challenge. Or, or lack thereof.

"It’s fusion the same way the same way that you want to go to a fusion restaurant and see two different cuisine come together. So I love it,” said comedian, Jared Wilder.

Although, some may not be able to stomach what's on the dish.

"I never done cooking and comedy at the same time,” said comic Sue Smith. “I’m very nervous because I’m a bad cook!”

But the opportunities to serve some jokes are ripe for the picking.

The Food Funny runs every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the QED in Astoria at 7:30pm. Tickets are $7.