What do colorful ties have in common with gluten-free cookies?

Or even these hand-made scarves and hot sauce?

Inside the pop-up shop at ResoBox Gallery and Café, all these products are Made in Queens.

The Long Island City space is the latest installment of the Made in Queens project, where everything sold is certified Made In Queens.

That means each product has a deep Queens connection; everything from the materials to the people who created them. One of those people is Astoria artist, Niizeki Hiromi.

"After 30 years [of living in Astoria], Queens in getting more light and I’m so happy to be part of this project," Hiromi said.

She's selling cards and temporary tattoos featuring a peculiar subject.

"I’ve been documenting chewing gum I find on the street in everyday life," she said of her art.

Her art display at the pop-up features photos of heart-shaped gum she has noticed in the streets of NYC since 2009. Documenting the found art has been a  way for Hiromi to make art while also juggling family and work.

When it comes to what people think of her art, she says she cherishes the different reactions.

"Some people say ‘Oh, interesting,’ and just leave. Half of them say, ‘Beautiful!’” she said.

The Wishwas incubator is another vendor. They're helping the Artisans Sewing Cooperative, which seeks to empower immigrant women, most of them Bangladeshi.

"They’re helping these women who are stay at home who have no financial control of their lives," Nevidita Chandrappa, of the women’s cooperative.

The organization serves. women who serve as caregivers in their families and have no career of their own. They’re taught how to sew scarves and clothing right in Jamaica.

"When you buy your one item, you are empowering one woman to earn some money of her own," Chandarappa said.

The pop-up is the brain child of the Queens Economic Development Corporation, which gives out the only "MADE IN QUEENS" certification for goods, but the goal is to give exposure to the local artists and makers in the borough, and greater sales.

In previous pop-ups, local ventures have even scored wholesale contracts.

The Made in Queens pop-up shop at Resobox will run daily through May 6th with this round of artists. Admission is free.

For more information, visit MadeinQueens.NYC