The artist behind some of most iconic comic book characters is helping raise some money to bring a mural to Forest Hills.

Best-selling artist John Stanisci  sold and signed prints of his work at the bakery, La Boulangerie to help the Forest Hills History Mural Fundraiser.

Stanisci, a Marvel & DC Comics artist, is known for his work including Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, Star Wars, and Captain America.

The proceeds will go towards creating a mural to pay tribute to historical and influential figures of Forest Hills and Forest Hills Gardens.

Stanisci tells us it is important to beautify the neighborhood while paying paying homage to its history.

"It is very important to sort of remember where we come from," said Stanisci,  "how these neighborhoods developed, the people who have lived here."

"Our goal is to educate our residents and visitors, foster a sense of tourism and eliminate graffiti," said Michael Perlman a Forest Hills Historian.

More than four thousand dollars has been raised for the mural. For more information about the Forest Hills History Mural Fundraiser, contact Michael Perlman at