A Corona middle school held an event Saturday to highlight everything their community has to offer.

The Leonardo Da Vinci School IS-61 held their first ever "Corona Community Day" this weekend.

Students and their families were able to learn about issues like autism, women's health and domestic violence.

They also got the chance to hear from immigration attorneys.

Performances representing Ecuadorian, Indian, African and Dominican culture were part of the event as well.

"Today is important because the community gets to see. We get to come together as one and we get to have fun and enjoy each other's company," said Denise Cunningham, a teacher at IS-61.

"We can do shows and everybody can see it and they can enjoy it. And they can learn also about culture, about different dance," said Sindy Romero, a student at IS-61.

Organizers told NY1 that they're also trying to put together a program about mental health to be held later this year.