An October inspection commissioned by the MTA outlines more than $3 million in repairs needed at several businesses located on land owned by the MTA. NY1's Van Tieu filed the following report.

Four months after NY1 firsy visited the Thyme Natural Market on Lefferts Boulevard, located between Austin and Grenfell Streets, the same hole that Natalie Reid pointed out is still exposed under the store.

"There are pieces of concrete that have fallen down on to these tracks it could land on a train," Reid explained.

It’s one of several problems, Reid told NY1, that need to be fixed.

Reid said her concern isn’t just about her business but the safety of others, as the hole sits just above the Long Island Rail Road tracks at the Kew Gardens stop.

Her business is officially on land owned by the MTA, but under an agreement, rental rights belong to a master licensee in charge of maintaining the buildings as landlord.

Reid and other merchants along the bridge say their landlord has failed keep up repairs and that the problems have gotten worse.

Some of the issues that have come up in recent months include burst pipes and issues with poor insulation.

An October inspection report, commissioned by the MTA and LIRR, details that there are more than $3 million in major structural and  mechanical repairs needed.

"[Looking at the report,] it looks like building is falling apart. They really have to take care of this building as soon as possible," says Pradeep Agarwal, another tenant.

Reid and Agarwal told NY1 that no major repairs have been made in the months since the inspection was issued.

"We’re caught in the middle because until somebody decides who’s going to be responsible to pay for it or nothing’s going to get done," Reid said.

They worry it will take a catastrophe before the repairs any changes are made.

NY1 reached out to the MTA and Long Island Rail Road for comment.

Officials said that they needed to reach out to their Real Estate Department before issuing a response.

They expected to have a comment by Monday.