Members of the Jewish community flocked to Queens Sunday, for a day of learning.

The Orthodox Union held its first annual "Torah in the City" seminar at Citi Field.

Thirty speakers gathered to teach and discuss different ways of studying Orthodox Judaism.

More than 1,200 visitors from all walks of life attended the event.

Seminar organizers tell us it is important for practitioners to be exposed to new ways of thinking about religion.

"The array of different types of learning, and give people an opportunity to see that what they have been exposed to up to that point may not be the entire array, therefore, things they have tasted that they haven't found tasty, maybe there is other food that they should be eating in an intellectual fashion," said Moishe Bane, the president of the Orthodox Union.

"This is the equivalent of an incredible smorgasbord of learning opportunities," said Allen Fagin, the executive vice president of The Orthodox Union.

Literature on what was discussed and taught at the seminar on Sunday will be available on The Orthodox Union's website,