A group of photographers with physical and intellectual disabilities are showing off their camera skills in a new photo exhibit.

The exhibit, called "Undissed and Very Able", is now up at the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning.

It includes snap shots of life in the city and various other subjects.

The photographers who contributed to the exhibit are members of the Progressive Visions Photo Club.

"I make photography accessible to them. And then they run with it," said Jim Interlicchio, who is with the Progressive Visions Photo Club.

Participants also said they want people who see the exhibit to be proud of the techniques they learned.

One photographer told NY1 about Interlicchio's influence on his work.

"In my mind I was thinking about Jim was talking to me. You know. And I was saying that, that you know he was saying that get the picture and get close to the picture and focus. Get everything off your mind. Get me off your mind too," said photographer Willie Ryan.

Those behind the photo club say some of the photographers started taking pictures with disposable cameras and now use professional cameras and digital editing software.

The exhibit will be on display until January 14.