One artist is turning items that otherwise would've been thrown in the garbage, into works of art. NY1's Shannan Ferry gives us an  inside look at his new exhibit. 

Artist Michael Kelly Williams said you don't have to pay a fortune to create fine art. 

"You can make extraordinary works of art with discarded materials," said Williams.

That's the idea behind his new exhibit "Found and Funky." Williams transforms items that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash into works of art. 

From bottle caps to shells, the materials range in shape and size, but almost all of them are built using old instruments.

"It's kind of like poetry to me. I'm placing objects in relationship to each other," said Williams. 

The exhibit is on display at the Materials for the Arts warehouse in Long Island City. 

The re-use center collects and redistributes surplus items to nonprofit art groups and public schools. Williams is the current artist-in-residence, granting him studio space and unlimited materials.

Williams said he hopes he exhibit inspires others to find the potential for art anywhere. 

"I try to take my sculptures, you know, just to another level entirely," said Williams. 

Gallery curator Omar Olivera said this type of art also keeps materials out of landfills.

"It's great for the environment, it's great for artists because resources are very hard to come by," said Olivera. 

The exhibit will be on display to the public through March.