A Forest Hills resident raises money for a new mural in the neighborhood. 

Michael Perlman said he's been working with two artists on the piece which aims to capture the history of Forest Hills.  

Perlman said the neighborhood will celebrate its 110th birthday this year.  

He believes a mural is a great way to mark the milestone. He's giving out wreathes to organizations and individuals who have donated to his project.

No word yet on where this mural would go, but he hopes to have it complete by March.  

"More sights that are underappreciated can be embellished through the arts and truly help revitalize our community," said Perlman. 

So far he's raised more than $1,300 and hopes to raise $4,000 dollars. 

To learn more, email Perlman at unlockthevault@hotmail.com.