BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Binghamton native Rod Serling debuted The Twilight Zone more than 50 years ago, creating what some believe to be a curse on the stars.

"Strange deaths befell them from suicides, many, many of them, to murder-suicides to just being murdered themselves in bizarre ways. Very unusual situations, a lot of drowning," said Rod Serling Archive Historian Michael Pipher.

How strange? Michael Pipher hosts discussions about the curse of the Twilight Zone stars and recounts some of the mysterious deaths.

One particular death is that of actor Vic Morrow. During an added scene of the 1982 Twilight Zone movie, a helicopter crashed on set, killing Morrow and two child actors.

"It's just an unfortunate accident, but it shouldn't have ever happened, because it was not even written as part of the movie," said Pipher.

"I don't believe in coincidences. You know, I'm a realist and I'm thinking there's a purpose for all that," said Empirical Paranormal Director Deborah Overfield.

The curse is based on events documented by author Wayne Rollan Melton in his book series, "Twilight Zone: The Curse of the Stars."

"[It's a] very well-documented book that deals with over 60 specific individuals that starred in Twilight Zone episodes or night galleries. With his documentation, there is something weird going on," said Pipher.

A weirdness, some say, that revolves around Rod Serling himself.

"Some of the people that met Rod for the first time that did the Twilight Zone said the very first time he introduced himself to them, that he gave them this real evil eye ... One of the young ladies that committed suicide, it actually says that they found a note on the piano saying, 'Thank you, Rod Serling, for introducing me to the joy of suicide,' " said Pipher.

But the curse comes as no surprise for some Serling fans.

"It blew my mind, but I wasn't surprised, because Rod Serling is known for not being your average fellow ... Granted, it's a dark chapter in the Rod Serling legacy, but sometimes I think the darkest legacies are usually the most fascinating," said Dominic Caprari of Empirical Paranormal.

Fascinating or scary. You be the judge.