Council member Eirc Ulrich held what was billed as an emergency meeting Sunday to address homeless residents being housed at the Playland Motel.

During the past week, the city started renting 12 units in the Motel, to provide temporary housing for the homeless.

Residents in the Rockaways gathered at the town hall meeting to ask questions and voice their concerns. Those who spoke made it clear that they are not against the homeless, but think the city needs to provide them with a better accommodation.

Ulrich said he hopes to unite all communities throughout the borough that are effected by temporary housing for the homeless, Friday at City Hall.

“I think that the community is ready to rally and we are going to take this fight to the steps of City Hall on Friday,” Ulrich said.

“We got Senator Jospeh Addabbo to donate two school buses that we are going to fill up with our neighbors to send a clear message to City Hall that this doesn’t work in our community,” added Assembly District Leader Lew M. Simon.

The city says it's renting the rooms to meet its “legal and moral obligation to shelter homeless families with children.”