Tennis is, of course, the main attraction at the 2016 US Open.  However, behind the scenes, a dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly to make sure each visitor has an experience that's 'nmatched.  NY1's Shannan Ferry filed the following report.

The 150 volunteers spending their final weeks of summer working at the U.S. Open are easy to spot. As part of their job, each of the volunteers wears a bright orange shirt.

"You give back to get back, and I don't get anything back but the pleasure and the satisfaction of being a happy person," said volunteer Rose Hobson. 

U.S. Open volunteers are spread out at different stations across the grounds, but many of them work in one room. In the room, one side is a book shop and the other side is occupied by a USTA membership booth. 

Husband and wife Eddie and Sunny Fishkind have been married for 54 years and have both been volunteered at the U.S. Open for about 25 years.

"My wife here, she gets us involved in a lot of things," said Eddie Fishkind. 

"And as you can tell because we're kind of old, tennis is a sport for your lifetime and we love it," said Sunny Fishkind. 

Although many of the volunteers come from different walks of life, they do share a lot in common. Volunteer Coordinator Dina Ingersole said all of them have to have certain characteristics in order to be the right fit for this type of position. 

"Great smile, outgoing. Just be comfortable with people and welcoming. And also, knowledge of the USTA," Ingersole said. 

Ceylin Torgay knew she had to come prepared with all of that knowledge to get a spot on the team. She hails from Turkey and is currently studying abroad at NYU. This year marks her first time volunteering at the U.S. Open. 

"I applied way back, it was months ago, and then after that, I just had the countdown, said Torgay. 

Soon enough, the countdown for next year's U.S. Open will begin. This year's tournament runs through September 11. All of the volunteers we spoke with said they hope to be back in 2017.