With ceremonial scrolls on their shoulders two Queens synagogues made their merger official on Sunday.

Members of the new Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center brought six ceremonial scrolls, called Torahs, from what used to be the Bayside Jewish Center to their new home at Union Turnpike and 210th Street in Hollis Hills.

The process is the final step in a merger between the synagogues that started three years ago when Bayside members said they were looking to join another congregation.

“They have a new home and we have made it very very palatable for them on every level, to be part of us,” said Cantor of the Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center, Sol Zim.

"My feeling was that we join this congregation so that we could continue the heritage of our tradition," said Josh Sussman, the co-President at the Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center.

As part of the merger the board from Bayside will join Hollis Hills existing board and there is also a dual presidency with representatives from each of the original synagogues.