The Rockaways 'First Water Park' has a new attraction for visitors to enjoy.

The water park, which is located next to Thai Rock on Beach 92nd Street, has added a Tarzan Boat to its fleet.

The Tarzan Boat is basically a jungle gym on the water that’s outfitted with a rope swing, diving boards and trampolines.

The water park already has jet skis and paddle boards, the owner of the park thought the boat would be the perfect addition.

"I grew up diving off of diving boards and having a good time in the water…and when I saw people diving off a diving board and jumping off of trampolines, I thought this would be a perfect fit for Thai Rock," said owner Robert Kaskel.

"It was scary at first. But once I did it, it was really fun and worth doing," said Taylor Efron, a Rockaway Beach resident.

Tickets to play are $25 per session.

To book some time on the Tarzan Boat head to