New data shows the skies over Queens are getting louder.

People who live near LaGuardia airport say they're hearing more noise from planes than ever before.

And new flight pattern data from a Freedom of Information Act request offers an explanation. 

According to the group Queens Quiet Skies in the past 12 years, takeoffs over Northeast Queens went up 47 percent.

Takeoffs over Jackson Heights are up 78 percent since 2008.

"Four years ago, almost to the day, I rallied with community members to call for action by the FAA and Port Authority to reduce the huge increases in noise from airplanes," said Queens Senator Tony Avellla. "Out of these protests grew the call for a Community Aviation Roundtable. These findings show what we have known to be true, airplane noise in northeast Queens has increased at least two fold. This is why the Port Authority must appoint a facilitator to finally get the roundtable in place so we can speak with one voice when we tell the FAA and Port Authority that enough is enough."

The community is calling for a meeting with the FAA and Port Authority.

"The FAA has blamed wind and weather for operational changes, they say nothing has changed, but we know," said Brian Wills with Queens Quiet Skies. "Now, with the data set, with the freedom of information request, that there has been an increase in departures over our neighborhood. Something has changed, and it's changed a lot."

Port Authority officials say runway construction that may be contributing to the issue is almost complete. 

The agency also says the FAA has routed more planes over the area in recent years.

The FAA has had no comment.