A LaGuardia Community College alum is using his photography skills to tell the story of his homeland.

The exhibit "The Other Side of Me" is Zakaria Ahmed's photographic portrayal of Bangladesh. He immigrated to the US in 2004 and graduated from LaGuardia's commerical photography program . He now works at the college.

Ahmed recenlty had an opportunity to go back to Bangladesh to fulfill his dream of documenting people’s lives through pictures. The photos showcase a country that is defined by its lands, rivers, poverty and class.

"The feedback that we've gotten is that he makes connections with all the individuals," said curator Javier Larenas.

"This is my childhood. The struggles of survival is for my people and I always wanted to show it to others like come and see my roots," said Ahmed.

The exhibit is on display through next month, Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 9:00pm.