Residents of Maspeth, Queens continue their fight against a proposed homeless shelter in their neighborhood.

Protesters gathered outside the Holiday Inn Express on Maurice Avenue near 55th Road Wednesday evening.

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to convert the hotel into a homeless shelter for adults.

But residents oppose the plan, saying it will bring problems to their neighborhood.

"If you look at the homeless shelters around the city, there's crime, there's drug activity, there's you name it," said one neighbor. "They have child abusers in the homeless shelters, so we don't want any part of it."

"Nothing's a done deal," said another resident. "This is our home, we make the deals, not the de Blasio administration, not some commissioner who doesn't live here."

City officials held a meeting last week to give community members more information about the shelter, but residents still rejected the idea.

The facility is scheduled to open in less than two months.