A Local artist is turning trash into art.

Long Island City artist Annalisa Iadicicco used car bumpers and vegetable oil containers to create a superhero inspired by 'Transformers'.

It was all part of what organization Local Project calls an "Art Yo' Trash" workshop in Jamaica.

Iadicicco says the piece was all about showing that you can re-purpose garbage insted of just throwing it out.

Organizers say the goal is to make people think outside the box.

"By using trash or talking trash, we're trying to kind of, like, open-mind a little bit. Open the minds of others who don't have that every day thinking," said Carolina Penafiel with Local Project.

"Is a love at first sight, these found object. And then I bring it to my studio where the transformation happens," Iadicicco said.

For more information, go to localproject.org.