A new photo exhibit at LaGuardia Community College celebrates Panamanian culture.

The 42 photographs are from part-time photography student Carl Barnett's trips to Panama back in the 80's.

He took the photos using an antique camera. They feature local landmarks, food and people.

The exhibit is opening just in time for the Panama Canal's 102nd birthday.

Barnett is a 73-year-old history enthusiast and says preparing for the exhibit allowed him to continue learning about a country he visted more than 30 years ago.

"We rented a car and drove up into the mountains and saw what I thought was a lot of Panama. And in doing the research for this exhibit, I realized how little I did see and how much I missed," said Barnett.

"He's one who basically shot because of passion, because of love. Aside from documenting where he's been at, where he's visited, but more so because it actually gives him a second life," said Javier Larenas with LaGuardia Community College.

The exhibit is also in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs mid-September through mid-October.

It'll be on display through the end of September.