The pop-up shop, Made In Queens, is stocked with goods that are baked, stitched, or manufactured in the borough.

Shannon Crowley, the founder and designer of Starch Flats, transforms old button-up shirts into fashionable shoes.

However, she says finding affordable brick-and-mortar space to sell her items has been her key to success.  

"It's just a different connection than you make online,” said Crowley. “In person, they build a stronger connection to your brand."

For that reason, Crowley signed up to showcase her items at "Made in Queens".

The Queens Economic Development Corporation's co-retail project at Queens Plaza South, called "Made in Queens", is now open.

The pop-up shop features more than 20 artisans and is stocked with items baked, stitched, or produced right in Queens.

"We cared about making this into a boutique more than a flea market, so everything is attentively curated," said Sante Antonelli from the QEDC.  

"It's important to have the maker community represented and this is such a prime location for that," added Jared Hatch, a shopper from Long Island City.

Vendors pay up to $1,000 a month for shelf space at the store.

The QEDC hires retail staff and provides weekly sales reports for tenants.

The group also wants to turn the retail hub into a community center.

Antonelli says he wants to turn the store into more of a destination for events than just a storefront to attract as many people here as possible.

"They get to see kind of the real magic and hard work that goes into building a small business," added Crowley.

The store’s theme and featured merchandise will change month to month.

The QEDC signed a 10 month lease for the pop-up shop and is seeking more vendors to fill the store.

Some shoppers said Made in Queens gives them an outlet for some guilt-free retail therapy.

"What better gift to buy than something homegrown," said Ellen Stevens-Roseman, a Manhattan resident who works in the neighborhood.

The QEDC says another highlight of the store is the "Queens Has It All" wall map, it allows vendors and shoppers to share stories about their favorite restaurants, products and businesses from across the borough.

"The space is bright and really inviting and it could really bring out the best in Queens,” said Sean Basinski, another shopper. “It's not just about Brooklyn anymore."

"It's a great spot for my Airbnb guests to shop," said Hatch.

The QEDC is hosting a launch party next Wednesday.

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