Some volunteers in Flushing are working to make their community cleaner.

The local Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Flushing "Adopt a Block" campaign, which started last week.

Since then, dozens of volunteers have been sweeping up the sidewalk and cleaning trash cans on Roosevelt Avenue between Main and Union Streets. They also spoke to local business owners about keeping their sidewalks tidy and cheered on others as they threw out their trash.

Organizers say the goal is to encourage everyone in the community to keep the neighborhood clean.

“It's like big city apathy,” said Michelle Gavin with the Earth Citizens Organization. “We feel like it's not really our problem, that an agency will take care of it, New York City will take care of it.”

“If everyone contributes in a little way, with the little bit of trash they have in their hands, it'd make a big difference,” said Robert Puerto of Flushing Earth Citizens.

Their next mission is to start a similar program, which would cover all of Downtown Flushing.