Local officers stepped up to help dads this weekend in honor of Father's Day.

The NYPD's Guardians Association held their 'Diapers for Daddy' event, Saturday.

Fathers were invited to stop by and pick up things they might need for their kids including strollers, clothing, diapers and baby bottles.

Organizers say there's a need for resources in the community, and they wanted to help and that they were pleased with the number of donations that came pouring in.

"Everyone was very receptive. Donations came pouring in. Everyone thought it was a good idea," said Lt. Aaron Edwards, an organizer with the NYPD Guardians Association.

"Some times you are lacking and it's good to have a community where they care about the fathers. They want to get the fathers involved. I thought it was going to be like a little bag, but this is very good," said a father attending the event.

Volunteers were on hand to help dads pick out the very best for their kids.