A final goodbye for a beloved storeowner stabbed to death in Astoria. Ass NY1's Vivian Lee reports, the victim touched many in his community.

Bells tolled at St Catherine's Church in Astoria, Queens on Friday morning, and tears flowed from mourners saying a final goodbye to 55-year-old George Patouhas.

They also wept for his widow, Despina Patouhas, and their 8-year-old daughter, Paraskevi, for suddenly losing their husband and father.

"I'm very, very sorry for the family, and what happened," a mourner said, in tears and her voice cracking.

Patouhas was murdered Sunday. Police said a crazed young man entered his liquor store on Astoria Blvd and stabbed him to death.

The killing has shaken the community — not just because it was unprovoked, but because Patouhas was a fixture in the neighborhood, known for his generosity. He gave money, odd jobs, and even food to total strangers who seemed down and out.

"He always used to send people to buy food for them," said Paul Diamantes, the victim's uncle. "Yes, he was an unbelievable young man. It's a terrible way to go."

Police say Patouhas was the third victim attacked by 23-year-old James Dillon during a brief but violent crime spree. The suspect allegedly slashed a woman on her way to church, and set a man on fire before entering Patouhas's store.

Officers finally subdued Dillon by firing several shots at him, and he is now recovering.

Lonel Pantanea says he is still heartbroken that hours before Patouhas died, he had a chance to see his friend, maybe even save him.

Lee: He called you before he was killed to meet the next morning for coffee?

Pantanea: The same day, but I couldn't at that time, I was going out to do something.

Lee: How do you feel about not being able to go, now?

Pantanea: Maybe I could help him, maybe I do something.

A woman who said her grandson attends the preschool where Patouhas's wife teaches told me how hard it was to see the victim's young daughter touch her father's face for the last time, a reminder that as a community mourns, a family is mourning too.