Legos are a lot more than just fun and games for some students in Queens.

20 teams competed against each other at George Ryan Junior High School in Fresh Meadows Sundayto find out who has the best Lego robot.

NYC First , a non-profit organization, created the competition called "First Lego League."

Kids worked for months to program these creations. They all move on their own without any remote controls.

"A new experience - I've never been in robotics before, and I'm meeting a lot of new people and I think that being in a competition as big as this is really cool," said student Ian Zaman

"All the schools are realizing if we follow this program we're hitting every part of the new wave of education where kids are interested. engaged and always looking to what's next, they don't say I'm done with this, what's the next thing I can program?" said teacher Peter Xanthus.

Winners of the qualifying round move on to compete at the Jacob Javits Center next month. Winners of that round will move on to an international competition in St. Louis