A local artist is turning an old commercial space into a gallery for up-and-coming artists in the Rockaways. NY1's Tamani Wooley filed the following report.

Artist George Turner is constructing his next masterpiece, transforming what's known as the Fecund Clown building in Rockaway Park into an art gallery for local artists.  

"To be able to create, to be able to express themselves and have a place for that," said Turner.

Turner fell in love with the Rockaways years ago during a bike ride with his wife. So, when he got priced out of his Brooklyn workshop he chose to relocate to the peninsula. 

"In Rockaway there is a sensitivity that just comes and there is a harmony that comes in the face of how hard it is to be out here. And there's this amazing beauty," said Turner.

The formally-trained painter who has transitioned into woodwork hopes to exhibit artists who share his love for the people and environment of the Rockaways. He's building the display walls in the newly named New York Arbor Gallery to display the fine artists’ work.

"Mostly for traditional painting and sculpture for the main gallery and then the handcrafts, home goods, textiles things like that for the store front space," said Turner.

Turner plans to launch his new space by holding a gallery opening featuring local artists in March.

"Our first show will celebrate the springtime and we're hoping to have four shows celebrating each season and so we're looking for art that reflective on new beginnings," said Turner.

And he hopes the space will one day also hold workshops and classes.

"I would like to see artists come together to build this together, to build New York Arbor as an artist run communal venture," said Turner.

The opening is planned for March 20th. There’s no charge for artists to display their work. The deadline for art submissions is February 15th. For more information go to newyorkarbor.com