Students and faculty rallied Wednesday against what they say is say is unfair treatment at a local college.

Dozens held picket signs during a rally outside of LaGuardia Community College Wednesday, protesting tuition hikes at CUNY schools.

Organizers say tuition at LaGuardia has increased by $1,500 in the last five years and that teachers have been working under expired union contracts for six years without a raise.  

Protesters want Governor Cuomo to invest more state funding into CUNY.

"Why is it so hard for us to get our education, for us to move ahead as a society? It's just baffling to me, honestly, and it's really heart-breaking." said student Robin Clark.

"I have a second child on the way, and I'm really concerned about how I can afford rent increases and child care." said associate professor Rebekah Johnson.

In response, the college released a statement, saying, in part, "CUNY Board of Trustees voted for no increase in community college tuition rates for next year. This means that tuition for next year will be the same as this year."