The city has officially begun a highly anticipated reconstruction project to resurface and upgrade a road in Douglaston. NY1's Shannan Ferry filed the following report.

The sound of construction equipment digging deep into the pavement on Shore Road is music Maruja Coddington's ears.

"My dreams have come true, and it's really, like being in heaven," she said.  

We first told you about this road in Douglaston back in April, after residents expressed concern for their safety.

The uneven roadway appears to be collapsing towards the bay at two intersections. It's also ridden with potholes. 

"I really thought somebody, a big truck, would fall, fall off the roadway into the bay," said Bob Coddington. 

But now the community is breathing a sigh of relief, as the city has started a massive reconstruction project to fix it.

Along with resurfacing the road, it will also include upgrades to storm sewers, water mains, fire hydrants and storm runoff outfalls. 

The Douglas Manor Association and State Senator Tony Avella say they've been calling for these improvements for nearly a decade.

"But now it's gonna be totally reconstructed, a concrete base, asphalt on top of it, and they'll fix the shoreline which has been caving in cause of the erosion over the years," said Avella.

"This is basically our promenade here, this is everybody walks here during the summer, it's an after dinner stroll, it's nice going by the water, people drive by, so it's important that it's safe," said Mike Gannon, who is the President of the Douglas Manor Association.

Senator Avella also gave money to the project so these can be replaced with steel-backed timber guard rails.

"Because this is a historic district, and the community wants to maintain that aesthetic," said Avella.

The city says they will be preserving the character of the neighborhood throughout the construction project, including the cobblestone curbing. 

"It's scenic it's historic, you know it's a community amenity," said Karl Rubenacker, who is part of the Douglas Manor Association.

The project is still in the beginning phases, and is expected to be complete by the end of 2016.