Some kids in Queens are learning how to give back to the environment for the holidays.

The New York Hall of Science began its 5th annual “ReMake the Holidays” event Sunday. It takes place over 4 days, and features activities focused on recycling and reusing items.

Each day highlights a different material including textiles, paper, plastic, metal and glass.

Organizers say that between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, Americans throw away approximately 25% more trash, so they hope to inspire people to reuse their materials.

“We can all have a hand in changing the way our planet is, is looked after,” said Liz Slagus, the Director of Public Programs for New York Hall of Science.

“Recycling is important because if we didn't have recycling, then we wouldn't have anything,” one young attendee added. “Recycling makes stuff all over again.”

The event continues through Wednesday.

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