Veterans at a local college will soon have a new resource when going back to school.

New York State Industries for the Disabled will now provide $20,000 in funding for the creation of a new Battle Buddy Center at LaGuardia Community College.

The purpose of the center is to provide a safe haven for veterans who are adapting to college life.

It will be a one stop shop for veterans looking to process their benefits, apply for college, register for classes, and a place to get advice.

"It was important that they have a place to go to where they can support one another. They're used to the regime being in the service," said Ron Romano, President of New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc.

"Going from such a discipline atmosphere to dealing with college admissions -- we don't know what's going on with your benefits , they don't know what was going , so this space we're going to have now is a huge first step," said student and veteran Ricky Malone.

The construction of the center is currently in the planning stages.