There's no crying in baseball this week for a Forest Hills teacher whose passion for the Mets made him an Internet sensation overnight. NY1's Clodagh McGowan filed the following report.

For Will Collins, a public school teacher at JHS 190 in Forest Hills, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

"Being able to be part of something, truly bigger than all of us, that was...that's amazing," said Collins.

Collins' interview with Mike Francesca on WFAN went viral after the Forest Hills resident and die hard Mets fan broke down in tears, while discussing the controversial loss to the Dodgers in game two of the National League Division Series

But "Will from Queens" is all smiles now. He went to Game three at Citi Field with the radio host.

His wife Jaznia says she can understand why people rallied around her husband.

"This is a really nice story, about just a regular everyday guy, a teacher, a person who works the community, getting a dream come true," she explained.  

Collins says coming back to school --now internet famous--puts him at the head of class with his students.

 "The students brought in a box of like Kleenex and they put "Will from Queens-ex” on there. And so things like that, but in an awesome way, just having fun with it,” said Collins.

For the students, watching their math teacher go viral is just as exciting as the Met's post season streak.

"Oh my God! Mr. Collins is on the news, there's a hashtag and everything, and there's videos on YouTube," exclaimed one student.

"He was really humble about it, just really excited," added another.

And now Collins is using all the attention for a good cause, the school is printing up "Will from Queens" themed t-shirts to raise money for the math team.

"He always makes the students, again, part of his…his focus," said Judson Hamilton, an assistant principal at JHS 190.

And with the Mets World Series bound the only tears Collins is crying are tears of joy.