Foodies are in for a treat this weekend as the taste of the Castkills comes to Queens. Our Natalie Duddridge got a sneak peek at the menu, which is also promoting local farmers. 

Foodie Art will be on display this coming Saturday at Flushing Town Hall.

Danny Brown is one of 20 Chefs who will be taking part in the Catskills Comes to Queens festival, which focuses on fresh food close to home. Mainly ingredients sourced from various farms in the Catskills.

"They're raising very good local organic product and it's important that it be featured and that Queens embrace the proximity of how close we are," says Chef Danny Brown from Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen.

"A lot of the farms in the Catskills are not doing so well, they have this product that just needs a showcase…and we're happy to be that showcase,” says Joe DiStefano, VP New York Epicurean Events.

Among the homegrown products that will make your mouth water, grass-fed beef and heritage pork from farms like La Belle Farm in Ferndale, one of just a few foie-gras producers in the country.

"To get people to be more aware of the food industry, products and everything glad to get people to learn that there's good food and bad food," says Rudy Merlin an executive Pastry Chef.

By bad food this pastry chef doesn't mean you can’t have a sweet tooth--just that it is important to know what you're putting in your body.

If you want a taste of the festival you can check out more info at