A new merchants association is helping small businesses in Jamaica Hills get the community resources they need to succeed. 

Councilman Rory Lancman and the Queens Chamber of Commerce created the Jamaica Hills Merchants Association. 

The group will help advocate for businesses on Hillside Avenue between 172nd Street and Parsons Boulevard, many of which are owned by immigrants. 

Lancman says the Association will address the traffic, safety and sanitation needs of the owners of the businesses to ensure that they are able to grow and thrive sin the neighborhood. 

"Everything is going really well in that community but we want to make sure the city is paying attention to it and that whatever changes can be made regarding, traffic, sanitation, public safety to help those businesses succeed and to grow that's to every body's benefit." says City Council Rory Lancman

Lancman has secured a ten thousand dollar grant to kick off the efforts of the Merchants Association.