Something's shaking at the Pride Lounge and Bar—owner Georgios Aspiotis has decided to stop operating it as a gay bar.

"It doesn't reach the goal of the income I would like to have for the business," said Georgios Aspiotis.

Georigous says weekend parties with performances were very successful but the weekday business was slow.

Georgios opened what's believed to be Forest Hills' first gay bar back in 20-13 to celebrate New York State legalizing gay marriage.

But opening Pride wasn't without controversy. Residents had mixed reaction to a bar catering to the LGBT community opening in the neighborhood.

Now there's controversy over Georgios turning Pride into a traditional bar. With people sounding off on a popular neighborhood blog with comments like:

"What a shame that he had to make this announcement during Pride Month" and "I live in Forest Hills and I am gay . I have never heard of this place.

The owners truly did not publicize the bar to the rest of the Gay community. What a Shame!"

Georgios says although the new venue will not technically be a gay bar, he says it will still be welcoming to the gay community

"I am always gay friendly. I'm never going to turn my back to the gay community" he said

The new bar tentatively named "I'm sorry, I'm not sorry" is expected to open on July first.