From the fierce dance moves, to the singing and the big smiles, it's easy to see these kids are having a blast at their first prom at St. Mary's Hospital for Children.

The event was sponsored by the wives of New York Mets players. They danced. Gave autographs and took photos with the kids.

"We did makeup and they have fedoras and tattoos and beads. We're very happy to be able to do this and we love to give back to the community and these kids are great." said Cindy Roessler, wife of pitching coach

The kids are part of St. Mary's after school program serving children with special healthcare needs and medically complex conditions.

So there was plenty to cheer as the participants got to forget about being patients and concentrate on just being kids.

"It's so important that St. Mary's kids has visitors come to St. Mary's hospital and provide activities. It gives them a sense of normalcy and they have such a great time." said Jan Mittan, from St. Mary's Hospital for Children

Chaya Weinberg says it means a lot to see people doing something special for her son- Zevy.

"This is an amazing experience because he grows by seeing people coming around him and loving him and giving him an opportunity to engage with him."

The kids say they're honored having this event thrown for them by their favorite hometown team.

"I feel like awesome. I am such a big fan of the Mets," said Amaddo, who's a patient at the hospital.

For these kids the prom was a homerun.