(Note: the video above contains disturbing audio.)

Lawyers have released an audio clip of a teacher allegedly beating a special needs student in Queens.

As NY1 reported last week, the incident allegedly happened at PS 118 in St. Albans last month.

Police say the teacher, Alexander Perry, accused a 10-year old student of cheating on a test and then punished him with a beating.

Attorneys for the victim released the audio clip, which they say was recorded by someone else in the classroom.

    Voice: Don't I owe you from yesterday? Huh? Don't I owe you    
    from yesterday? What you did yesterday that I didn't whip your
    (expletive deleted) for, huh? Tell me. Let's talk about it while I whip
    your (expletive deleted) What didn't I whip your (expletive deleted) for

    (child screaming)

Attorneys say a female teacher pulled Perry off the student.

Perry then allegedly threatened other students if they told anyone what happened.

Sources tell NY1 that the Department of Education is in the process of firing Perry and that he was reassigned from the classroom after the incident.

He's now facing assault and harassment charges.

The victim's family is suing the city for $10 million. 

The city says it's reviewing the claim.