This week's "Fit Kids Challenge" asks you to get rid of sugary drinks in your children's diet. But on top of instilling healthy eating habits it's just as important to get kids moving early. Health Reporter Erin Billups filed the following report.

Climbing, twirling, flying, balancing, flipping on the uneven bars. It's all in a day's play at My Gym in Harlem that's part of a trend - kid-centric neighborhood gyms.

"We are really about strengthening kids, getting them to strengthen their balance, their agility, gross and fine motor skills. They are learning social skills here and just creating some self-esteem," said My Gym Instructor Jason Williams.

And developing habits they'll be able to rely on well into adulthood.

"It becomes something that is normal when they become six, seven years old. They'll want to exercise, they'll want to participate in sports and they continue being active and that's what's most important," Williams said.

Classes are available for kids as young as seven months.

"I think it's just a good way for him to kinda get exposed to you know all of this you know related physical training which is good preparation for him when he starts doing some more active sports," said Sean Gardner, a neighborhood father.

"I have been in this class since Kayla been like crawling and her development is really good," said Kathy Ann Brereton, a child caretaker.

As more places like My Gym open up, it's clear parents are looking for ways to get their kids moving earlier and earlier.

"It's definitely on people's minds. The first lady has been pushing the whole eat fruits and vegetables and get active so I think it's filtering down," said Erin Ratner, a neighborhood mom.

My Gym is just one of many options to get kids thinking and moving healthier, some at no cost. is a sort of Open Table for kids’ classes, physical fitness and more.

"It's so important when you're living in New York City in a small space with children to get out and run around whether it's inside or outside, and be with other children and get good habits at a young age. So we have cooking classes. One of my favorites is called Farm Foodies. Every week the children are introduced to either a fruit or a vegetable and they cook with it," said Founder CEO Lauren Pohl.

The website is free to use with over 3,000 class options.

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