For a third-straight day, the bribery and corruption trial of Joe Percoco focused not on the former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but on Percoco's wife.

Percoco is accused of selling his influence for more than $300,000-worth of bribes — most of it in the form of a $90,000-per-year job given to his wife, Lisa.

On Wednesday, a colleague who worked closely with Lisa Percoco testified that she did fewer than 40 hours of work over a span of close to a year.

The company, Competitive Power Ventures, or CPV, needed assistance from the state to build a Hudson Valley power plant.

A CPV manager called Lisa an unusual hire because there was no interview and no resume involved.

CPV went to some lengths to conceal Lisa's employment.

A co-worker said she and Lisa were both paid as subcontractors, essentially off the books — an arrangement that went away after Lisa was let go.

But defense attorneys have emphasized that Lisa Percoco did real work.

Photo above courtesy U.S. Attorney's Office.