NYC has recorded more than 25,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic with an estimated 1,000 thousand healthcare workers among them.

One organization is paying tribute to the lives lost through art.

The Hero Art Project creates portraits of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff who died fighting the coronavirus. is pairing family members of those workers with an artist who creates the portrait in a style the family chooses. 

Digital copies and prints of the work are available for the gallery to use in exhibits, while the original piece is given to the family. 

Organizers say they want the project to help inspire healing in the community while honoring those who lost their lives while saving others.

"I really think that these healthcare workers, they deserve it. They deserve the honor and the tribute because they have given their lives in saving ours," said Curator Susannah Perlman.

The gallery is hoping to create more portraits for a public exhibit during World Health Worker Week in April this year. 

Those looking to take part, or wishing to see more of the work, can do so by visiting