NYPD Officers in Brooklyn posted a video on social media showing they are still hitting the streets arresting people who commit crimes.

Assistant Chief Jeff Maddrey is the Commanding Officer in Brooklyn North.

“Crime is not stopping during this pandemic neither are the members of the NYPD,” he said.

Despite a large percentage of New Yorkers staying at home to cut down on the spread of Coronavirus, shootings and murders continue on the streets and sometimes in those homes. Many of the neighborhoods across the city that have historically had a problem with violence are stilling seeing it.

Chief Jeff Maddrey reports 73rd precinct officers have taken about two dozen guns off the streets and made several arrests in the last month since the pandemic hit the city hard.

“If there are individuals out there who think it is alright to carry guns during this pandemic, there are members of this department that are going to meet them head on and we are going to remove those illegal firearms off the street,” Maddrey vowed.

Burglaries have spiked drastically citywide. So far this year they’re up 37% compared to last year at this time and 17% over the last month compared to last year during the same period.

Chief Maddrey sees the problem in Brooklyn neighborhoods including East New York, Williamsburg and Bushwick.

“We are seeing stores that are closed for busy and we are seeing stores that are still functioning for business that are being victimized. I will use this moment to use it as a little PSA and I will ask all of the businesses to make sure your cameras are up and running.” he said.

Merchants need to make sure they pay attention and follow all crime safety tips as well.
“We are going to be alert and we are going to be out there patrolling to help keep the community safe,” Maddrey said.

Safe from crime as people and police try to stay safe from the virus.