Everyone's favorite Beagle, Snoopy has soared to new heights; this sculpture is made up of 4638 cans of tomatoes, tuna, Vienna sausages, sweet peas and sauerkraut. It's just one of the more than 30 structures that make up this year's Canstruction at the Brookfield Place office, shopping and dining complex.

"We have 107,000 cans in the 31 structures and then we ask visitors to bring a can of food to donate, we have a donation box," said Jennifer Greene, a Canstruction Committee Member.

And all of those cans go to City Harvest, the city's largest food rescue organization that helps feed Hungry New Yorkers.

It's the 27th year for this design/build competition started by the SDA, a professional organization made up of administrators in design firms. Committee Member Jennifer Greene says it's a way to help give back to the city.   

"It's 100 percent volunteer; we all have full time jobs. And then starting in July, we send out a call for entries and that's the starting bell," said Greene.

This is the 12th year for Canstruction in Brookfield Place, and the first year that I was asked to be on the jury picking winners in categories like Best Original Design, Structural Ingenuity, Best Use of Labels, and Best Meal.

Lots of tough choices, they are all great, and leave quite the impression of folks checking them out, including school groups. 

"They take it back to their school, they are aware of hunger and the needs of not just New Yorkers at an early age, so we are hoping as they grow up they will help save the world," said Greene.

Teams of Architects and Engineers have 10 hours overnight to complete the structures. The first Canstruction had just eight of these; it has grown, not only in size, but in its reach around the globe.

"150 all over the world, mostly in the United States, mostly in the United States, but we have Hong King, Beijing, UK, Australia, yeah, it's great. And it all started with you guys? All started with us. 1992," said Greene.