A police officer who was seen on a viral video defending himself against a group of attackers on a subway platform finally shared his side of the story.

Officer Syed Ali says he was thinking about the safety of himself and the group of men who approached him.

Several of the alleged attackers are set to be arraigned on several charges, including attempted assault and rioting.

Ali says the suspects were intoxicated and became combative when he asked them to leave the East Broadway subway station.

He says his training in NYPD and the military helped him stay calm during the incident.

"I've been in situations where weapons are used,” Ali said. “Especially in combat and being on patrols. So what we're told is ‘don't go immediately to what you think might happen, take a second. Even if it’s the slightest second.’ So the police department, the military, really groomed me for that."

All five of the men seen in the incident were originally processed by police as emotionally disturbed persons.

But additional charges were filed after the video became public.