NEW YORK - A lawsuit has been filed against the city over its plan to rezone Inwood.

The suit was filed by a group called Inwood Legal Action and claims there were flaws and omissions in the impact studies done by the city.

In August, the City Council overwhelmingly approved the rezoning of part of the neighborhood in northern Manhattan.

The plan includes 2,600 units of new affordable housing, a new library, and improvements to parks and the riverfront.

But critics say the plan will lead to more gentrification, hurt small businesses, and only benefit developers.

"The rents are going to go up. People are going to be pushed out. The landlords are happy with the rezoning because the rezonings help landlords and property owners. They can make big money," said one Inwood resident.

"Inwood has completely been ignored," noted another Inwood resident.

Mayor Bill de Blasio supports the plan, saying it will bring an additional 200-million dollar investment for waterfront parks, STEM education and cultural institutions.