NEW YORK - Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will personally inspect the Canarsie Tunnel Thursday night as he reviews plans for the L train shutdown in April.

Starting April 27, L train service will shut down between the Bedford Avenue stop in Brooklyn and 14th Street in Manhattan for 15 months.

Crews will be repairing damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Speaking on WNYC Radio, Cuomo said he's not trying to delay the project.

He just wants to make sure it's the best course of action.

"I just want to make sure that I personally can say to any New Yorker: Yes, the buck stops on my desk. Yes, this is a very big project and a disruptive project. And yes I personally am confident it cannot be done any other way and it cannot be done faster than the MTA is doing it," Cuomo said.

The MTA is adding trains on other lines to accommodate L train riders during the shutdown.

The plan also includes turning 14th Street into a buses-only lane for 17 hours a day.