NEW YORK - Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday announced a multi-billion dollar renovation plan for John F. Kennedy Airport.

The $13 billion project includes demolishing eight old terminal sites and building two new ones. 

The governor says the North and South terminals will be complete by 2023.

The state plans to power those terminals entirely by renewable energy.

The project also calls for building a large waiting area for ride-sharing pick-ups, along with interior green spaces.

Free, high-speed Wi-Fi and multiple charging stations will be available throughout the terminals.

Cuomo says the upgrades for New York airports are long overdue.

"JFK, LaGuardia, it's amazing when you think about it, how long these situations have been allowed to go on. It's not like this happened over night, the JFK or La Guardia was outdated. JFK has been outdated all of my life," Cuomo said.

Airlines will pick up $12 billion of the project's cost.

The other billion will be covered by the Port Authority.

Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and be mostly completed by 2025.