NEW YORK - Welcome to the Rosé Mansion, a pop up exhibit in Midtown capitalizing on the astonishng popularity of the pink drink. 

Fourteen colorful rooms are packed with Instagram-worthy backdrops - a social media maven's paradise. 

"Rosé, it's having a moment right now. It's kind of like the drink of a new generation," said Tyler Balliet, co-founder of the Rosé Mansion.

Balliet spent more than a decade in the wine industry before creating the "micro amusement park & museum" for Rosé lovers. The two-story mansion is full of interactive experiences. Visitors can plaster grape stickers on a wall, cheers or taste some wine in a vintage travel agency office, or scratch and sniff pallets to guess what kind of rose aroma it is.

And then there's a hallway of balloon wine grapes. Balliet says the color scheme helps people understand the science behind the wine. 

"So if you look at the floor it goes from clear all the way to pink because the longer the skin soaks the darker the wine gets," Balliet said.

The most popular room at the Rose Mansion is at the secret garden where you can get that perfect picture or sip some wine in a tub full of rose petals.

 "I'd say you'll get a lot of likes," Balliet said. 

It's the latest pop-up exhibit created to provide photo ops perfect for social media, like the Museum of Ice Cream. The experience does not come cheap. Tickets are $45.  

But photos of a swinging chandelier will generate a lot of likes in your Instagram feed. Another crowd favorite is the "blending lab." Guests can check off what flavors they like best, and get a custom rose made.

Balliet says the exhibit is more than photo bait. He claims its also an educational opportunity.The walls are full of fun facts about the wine. 

"Brachetto is basically a dark Rosé that comes from italy and Julius Ceasar used to give it to Cleopatra by the boat load," Balliet explained.

Rose Mansion is open until October 7th. The tastings add up to a little less than two glasses of wine.