A popular program that provides seniors with fresh and affordable food is back for another year.

Volunteers gathered at Goddard Riverside Community Center to help assemble packages for the "Fresh Food For Seniors" program, which began in 2012. 

It runs from the end of June through Thanksgiving. Seniors living in Manhattan can register to receive a discounted bag of fresh produce. 

For just $8, they can take home several pounds of five to six varieties of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

"Around here, the food is expensive, so it is hard for them to buy fresh vegetables, so they don't eat right. All year long, they are asking, 'When is it going to start? When is the first day?'" said Marcia Mason, Senior Center Director at the Goddard Riverside Community Center.

This is the first week of the program for this year, and nearly 300 seniors have already signed up. If you're a senior and want to learn more, call the Manhattan borough president's office at 212-669-8300 or click this link.