There was a dramatic rescue in Tribeca Friday as two workers narrowly escaped a 40-floor drop.

High winds flipped the scaffold the men were working on several times, slamming it into a high-rise condominium.

Several windows shattered, sending shards of glass to the ground.

Rescue crews were able to save the two workers by breaking a window and reeling them back into the building.

They were not hurt.

"A little shaken up, but they were pretty composed and they were alright at that point," said Officer Pat Fanning of the NYPD's emergency services unit.

"And they remained professional the whole time up there," said Detective Gregory Welch of the NYPD's emergency services unit. "They were all business. They wanted to get back to work. They weren't victims up there. They were two hardcore construction workers that went for a ride because of Mother Nature. They did a fantastic job."

The men work for a glass company and were conducting inspections of the building, which is under construction. 

A pedestrian was injured by the falling glass but refused medical attention.

The Department of Buildings is investigating.